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Unum ID is your one identity.

We provide sharified (shared, verified) identity.

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sharified identity

We provide sharified (shared, verified) identity.

Our software links together many verifications about a user into one identity that’s shared across companies. This makes knowing who’s who online easy, inexpensive, and secure.

Instant verification with extremely high confidence.
Up to 10x cheaper because verifications are shared.
Leverages cryptography, blockchain, and biometrics.
PAsswordless authentication

The end of •••••••••

Enable multi-factor authentication, using your own app. Our white-label mobile SDK lets you eliminate passwords forever.

Plugs into any app
Our mobile SDK provides white-label functionality.
Sits on top of existing infrastructure
Our SaaS offering handles everything in the cloud.
Prevents phishing and behavioral fraud
Authentication goes both ways!
Virtual id card

Unum ID is your virtual ID card.

Imagine every ID card you've ever owned compressed into one. Unum ID displays exactly the right information for every situation, and you can use it with all devices, across all environments, both online and offline.

All devices
Desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones.
All environments
Websites, mobile apps, chatbots, browser extensions, etc.
Online and offline
In person, without WiFi or cell connection.
Your Phone As your id

More US adults own a cellphone than a driver’s license.

That's 96% overall and 99% below age 50. Over 5 billion people around the world own a mobile device, and that number is increasing rapidly. It's about time your phone was your ID.

This data is from Pew Research.

5 billion people own a cellphone
In the median advanced economy, this is 93% of adults.
Essentially all young people have phones
99% of American adults below 50 have one.
Nearly all modern phones have biometrics
Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, etc.


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Sharified Identity

Our vision for shared, verified identity.

Product Pitch

Our mobile SDK and SaaS solution.

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The end of •••••••••

Our quest to end passwords.

Integrating Unum ID is absurdly easy.

All it takes is a few lines of code.
Banks have an insatiable appetite to do things better than their competitors. That’s why this product has potential.
- Technology Equity Analyst, Citi

Add our mobile SDK to your app, which will provide white-label identity functionality. Then, apply for an API key for our SaaS. We'll handle all of the complex authentication logic for you and pass along the results. It all takes just a few lines of code. And if you don't have an app, you can use the Unum ID app instead! 

Behavioral fraud is at least 90% of the fraud that’s out there.
- VP Credit Approver, HSBC

Update your app in the app stores. This will automatically onboard all of your existing verified users. It happens in the background and requires zero user action. When new users install your app, you can verify them with the systems you already use — no need to rip out infrastructure you already have.

The verification process is a huge problem for most institutions.
- Compliance Examiner, FDIC

Your app is now a omni-channel, multi-factor auth tool. It's powered by Unum ID but branded by you. You can verify the identity of your users across all devices and environments, both online and offline. You can also share identity credentials with other companies, reducing costs and opening up a new revenue stream.

1: Set up

Add our mobile SDK to your app and apply for an API key for our SaaS. (If you don't have an app, you can use the Unum ID app instead.)

2: Update

Update your app in the app stores. This will automatically onboard all your existing users and enable you to seamlessly add new users.

3: Verify

Instantly verify the identity of your users with white-label, omni-channel, multi-factor authentication. It's like magic!

Sharified Identity

Verify your users for a fraction of the cost, and earn revenue for verifications you do.

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Mobile SDK & SaaS

Give your app the power of Unum ID with just a few lines of code. It's completely white-label.

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Passwordless Auth

Authenticate your users everywhere they are with extreme security. No passwords, ever!

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